Do's and Don't



REGISTER FOR RECRUITMENT THROUGH TEXAS TECH! Registering through your area alumnae Panhellenic does NOT register you for recruitment at Texas Tech. You must register with Texas Tech Panhellenic to participate in recruitment!

ATTEND ALL MEETINGS as they contain important information.

ATTEND ALL EVENTS you are invited to each day. Any unexcused absence will cause you to be removed from the Recruitment process.

WEAR YOUR NAMETAG at all times when attending Recruitment events. Replacement nametags are available.

WEAR YOUR wristband at all times during recruitment week. If your wristband is lost you will not be able to continue in the recruitment process.

INFORM A RHO GAMMA AND/OR PANHELLENIC if an emergency arises. Contact your Community Advisor if you are in a Residence Hall.

REPORT ANY SCHEDULE CONFLICTS to Panhellenic in advance of an anticipated absence.

USE THE PROVIDED PORT-A-POTTIES during breaks. Restrooms located in break lodges are not to be used by anyone affiliated with sorority recruitment.

ASK QUESTIONS. Make sure to ask questions when you do not understand. Rho Gammas and Panhellenic are happy to help you through the process.

BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL when attending events.

INFORM PANHELLENIC if you choose not to join a group. We ask that you withdraw from the process in writing.

BE HONEST. Tell the sororities about your interests, hobbies, or accomplishments. The sorority members are excited about meeting you and getting to know you.


DON’T STAY GLUED TO YOUR CELL PHONE. You will be busy enough making new friends and moving from event to event.

DON’T BE LATE! We will do our best to keep to a strict schedule, please do the same.

DON’T GO IN WITH YOUR HEART SET on one sorority. Keep an open mind! You may not be familiar with all the sororities, so take time to consider membership in each group. Every sorority offers something unique. Also consider that being a legacy of a group does not ensure membership in that group.

DON’T PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS AFTER RECRUITMENT that include men and/or alcohol.

DON’T COMMUNICATE with current or alumnae sorority members. Strict silence is in effect and they should not pressure or influence you during this time (this includes emails, text messages and all social media outlets).

DON’T TALK ABOUT OTHER CHAPTERS. You never know who has friends where and ALL of our chapters are AMAZING organizations.

DON’T ACCEPT gifts, letters, flowers or meals from current or alumnae sorority members.

DON’T ALLOW current or alumnae sorority members imply or promise a bid to membership. This practice is invalid, illegal, and forbidden during Primary Recruitment.

DON’T SHARE a home or apartment with a current sorority member during Primary Recruitment Week.