Recruitment Myths


Having the opportunity to share an extra special bond with a family member is exciting. However, it is important to remember the following: 

  • Being a legacy to an organization does not insure that it will be the right fit for you
  • Remain open minded throughout the process – this goes for you and your family members
  • Being a legacy to an organization does not guarantee you a bid to membership
  • Being a legacy to an organization does not hurt your chances into getting in to a different organization
  • You will never be expected or asked to discuss any legacy relationship throughout the recruitment process 


Juniors and Seniors

While the majority of the students that participate in primary recruitment are traditional first semester freshman, more than 20% of participants are sophomores, juniors and seniors. Chapters on our campus value "upperclassmen" because of their proven academic performance on a college campus, maturity and established campus involvement. Classification is determined by the year in which you graduated high school.  

Women participating in recruitment are required to provide information about their past academic performance. Academics and scholastic achievement are a top priority of our organizations. The information provided by the participant when they registered is verified by our recruitment staff and available of our chapters to reference throughout the membership selection process. Through the registration process you will provide permission for Texas Tech Panhellenic to access high school transcript information provided to the institution at the time of admission (including GPA, Class Rank, SAT/ACT and dual credit information). 

Each chapter sets and enforces their own academic standard. If Panhellenic receives your grades and has a concern that your recruitment experience might be effected in a negative way as a result, we will contact you directly. 

Academic Requirement

Rec Letters

While recommendation letters are suggested, THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED. Please make sure that you and the women in your area alumnae panhellenic chapter referrer to our Recommendation Letter Tab for the full details about the correct way to provide Recommendation Letters to Texas Tech sorority chapters. The chapters on our campus DO NOT wish to receive: 

  • Bulky folders and packaging 
  • Multiple pictures – one clear individual picture that clearly showcases your face is all that is necessary 
  • Additional letters of support are NOT required or necessary
  • Decorative flair – including ribbon, glitter, specialty paper/binder clips or colored paper

**Chapter member DO NOT SEE any of the materials sent, they are only used for INFORMATION ONLY**

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible throughout your recruitment process. Each organization represented in our community must be in good standing in order to participate in primary recruitment. During recruitment, if you ever hear anything that concerns you about a particular chapter never hesitate to ask your Rho Gamma or a member of our Staff for clarification. It is important for rumors to be dispelled so that everyone can make informed decisions.

Organization Standing