Kristen W.

Panhellenic President

Kristen is from Austin, TX and is a junior biology major and chemistry minor. Fun fact, growing up, you could find her with her brothers being the only girl at the Home Depot kids woodworking classes. “As President I am most excited to unify our Greek community and empower the women around us to achieve goals to the best of their ability. I want to positively represent the members of the Panhellenic Community and prove that each and everyone of us can make a difference. I am so honored and excited to be representing the women of Texas Tech Panhellenic and I am ready to take the steps needed to better this community and help every women succeed.”


Sarah E.

Panhellenic Vice President

Hey y’all! My name is Sarah Ennis and I’m so excited to be the new Vice President of Panhellenic! I am currently a Sophomore and I am studying Elementary Education. I am from a small town around Houston called Fulshear, Texas. I have one younger sister, so I decided to join the Panhellenic community so that I could have older sisters to help me through college and life. I am so excited to be apart of this Executive Board and to help our Panhellenic community grow. My goal for this year is to have a stronger community bond and to have a more positive outlook!


Jordan A.

Director of Recruitment

Hey y’all! My name is Jordan Alnemer, and I serve as the Director of Recruitment. My position is to coordinate and direct anything involving Panhellenic recruitment. I love working towards growing our community! Aside from that, I work at the TTU Recreation Center as a personal trainer. I’m majoring in kinesiology, and I plan to begin my Doctorate of Physical Therapy after fall recruitment!


Emily M.

Assistant Director of recruitment

Hi y’all, my name is Emily and I have the honor of serving as the Assistant Director of Recruitment for Panhellenic this year! I’m from Plano, TX and am currently a PreLaw sophomore here at Texas Tech. Yes I may be in a sorority, but I am a huge country girl. You can find me hunting, fly fishing or riding dirt bikes with my dad and sister on any given weekend! I wanted to be involved in Panhellenic because I wanted to work towards something much larger than myself and I wanted to improve on this amazing community that we have as Panhellenic women. With my position, I will serve on exec for 2 years and my biggest goal is to challenge complacency in order to strengthen the connections between each Panhellenic sorority and the relationships that we have with the other fraternity and sorority councils here on campus. Thanks and wreck em!.


Kailey K.

VP of External Relations

Hey y'all, my name is Kailey Keach, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Vice President of External Relations for Panhellenic this year.  I grew up in south Texas in the small town of George West.  I'm currently a sophomore and studying Animal Science and Kinesiology.  When coming to Tech, I decided to rush to give myself a group of friends and to hopefully open new doors and experiences; this lead me to Panhellenic. I decided to become involved in Panhellenic because I wanted not only encourage interaction between other sororities and councils but to also create new ways for others to become involved. My ambition within Panhellenic is to offer involvement from different scholastic, social, spiritual aspects.  I would like others to be able to grow as women through the events my liaisons and I have planned this year.


Sophie R.

director of programming

Hi there, my name is Sophie Rooks and I am lucky enough to be serving as the Director of Programming on this years Panhellenic executive board. I am currently a Junior studying biology and am planning to continue on to Pharmacy school post graduation. I’m an only child from a small central Texas town called Smithville, so joining a sorority here at Tech helped me find the sisters I lacked growing up. Joining Panhellenic for me meant making a difference on this campus, strengthening bonds with not only the women in just my sorority but every woman in the Panhellenic community, and striving to be the best version of myself everyday. My ultimate goal on the executive board this year is to inspire and empower other women in our community to support each other in becoming the best versions of themselves!



Julia G.

Director of Marketing

Hey guys, I’m Julia Gordon and I am the Director of Marketing for Panhellenic Executive Council! I am a Junior studying Graphic Design and I am so excited to take on this position as well as do some amazing things for Panhellenic. Fun fact about me is that I’m a part of Dancers With Soul here at Tech. I am from Long Island, New York so coming all the way to Texas was really scary at first, but joining a sorority was exactly what I needed. I immediately was welcomed into a group of girls that accepted me and became my support system. They helped me mature and grow which led me to Panhellenic. I joined Panhellenic to bring encouragement and light to our community and to help showcase the incredible women that are in it. With my year on exec I hope to bring a new wave of energy into our community and encourage our members to be successful and strong in their daily lives.


Payton L.

Director of Administrations

Hey y'all! My name is Payton Lumpkin, and I will be serving as the new Director of Administrations. I am from Grapevine, TX, and am currently a Junior studying Finance. I am so excited to hold this position and can't wait to see what the future holds. I really want to encourage as many women to get involved in our Panhellenic community as I can. Thanks and Wreck 'Em!!