Academic Information

With academics serving as one of the founding values of our community it is important that chapters consider your academic performance. 

In previous years we have collected transcripts from university admissions to verify academic performance. Instead, this year as a part of your recruitment registration we ask that you provide and upload a transcript along with your registration. That information will be shared with the recruitment leadership teams from each of the Panhellenic chapters at Texas Tech. You will not be mailing any hard copy transcripts to Texas Tech Panhellenic or our chapters. 

Upon receiving your registration we will confirm your academic record with the admission documents provided at the time of application to the university to ensure that all academic measures are reported accurately. There is no need to send us any additional or hard copy information unless requested. 

It is not recommeneded to go through Panhellenic recruitment with a GPA below 2.75.

Should you complete additional course work that you would like considered as part of your academic record, you may forward a digital/scanned copied to Hard copies will not be accepted. For many high schools and colleges you are able to request a transcript online. If not, please contact the school councilor or registrar directly for details.

This process is not necessary if application for admission recorded your HS or College GPA at or above a 3.40 or did not change more than 0.25 from one term to the next. This processes is recommended for those who achieved between a 2.75-3.00 and saw an improvement of 0.25 and above. 

Consideration of additional course work will not be processed beyond August 1st. 

If your High School or College GPA falls below a 2.75 you may have significantly fewer opportunities than participants with higher GPAs. Potential new members who do not meet the minimum academic requirements of a specific chapter are typically released early in the recruitment process.

Students who are provisionally accepted or participating in the Gateway/TTAP programs must be fully admitted prior to registering for sorority recruitment. In order to be accepted before the August 1st registration deadline you will need to complete your summer course work during Summer I. Fraternity & Sorority Life and Texas Tech Admissions can not rush the admissions process during the month of August to accommodate your participation in sorority recruitment.