Membership Options


Fall Primary Recruitment is the coordinated effort of all 12 sororities at Texas Tech University. It gives the potential new members the opportunity to meet members from all 12 sororities. Through this process, each sorority seeks out new members who have outstanding leadership skills, high academic standards, and a commitment to community service. In order to be eligible to participate in recruitment  you must be enrolled at Texas Tech and is full time student.


If at any point throughout the Fall Primary Recruitment process you wish to not continue, you may formally withdraw from recruitment. You simply need to find a Rho Gamma and a member of the recruitment staff to complete and sign an official form stating that she would like to no longer continue. If you withdraw from the process you are eligible to seek out any of the below mentioned options for joining. 

Continuous Open Bidding

Is an informal recruitment process that takes place after fully-structured recruitment in the fall or in the spring when a chapter may have additional roster vacancies. The exact sororities that meet this requirement will not be known until  the beginning of the spring and will not be publicized. Typically, between 4-8 sororities will take new member classes in the spring semester. 

There is not a registration process, pre-assigned schedule, nor will the Panhellenic Executive Council facilitate the invitation process. COB events take place at the time and location of the sorority's choice. 

Spring Information Session: 

The Panhellenic Council does not facilitate a spring recruitment process. Instead Panhellenic hosts an information session for all current students interested in learning more about future membership opportunities. Each of the 12 sororities are present to offer additional information about their chapters and how to become involved.